Last updated: February 19, 2021

Operating a business during a pandemic poses many new challenges. First and foremost Glitchless aims to keep the community safe and happy. During pandemic lockdown restrictions Glitchless is still operating with reduced services.

How our services are affected

For each of our services we follow strict sanitation and safety procedures:

Tech Support

Our phone tech support remains unchanged through the pandemic and we still offer our full tech support services over the phone.

Our in-person tech support is currently suspended until the pandemic restrictions are reduced.

Device Repair and Custom Built Computers

Our device repair service is currently operating using contactless procedures. We offer device pickup and drop-off at a location of your choice. A secure lockbox is used for the delivery of devices at the Glitchless office.

Devices are cleaned and sanitized before and after our technicians have worked with them and silicone gloves are worn at all times when handling devices.

Website Design and Development

Our website design and development services remain mostly unchanged and we offer our full suite of web services during the pandemic. Our web services require the most communication between us and our customers. At this time Glitchless will perform all communication with their clients digitally or over the phone.

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